Penyuluhan Bagian Ahli Waris Janda Menurut Kompilasi Hukum Islam Di Desa Langko Kabupaten Lombok Barat

Israfil Israfil, Supardan Mansyur


This service activity aims to provide knowledge and understanding to the people of Langko village, West Lombok Regency about the inheritance of a widow according to a compilation of Islamic law. Community service activities in partnership with the community of Langko village, West Lombok district. The method of implementing knowledge transfer is through the extension process. The result of this activity is that members of the community who follow the counseling understand enough about the part of the widow's heir based on the compilation of Islamic law. In order for the community to truly understand the share of widow heirs, it is necessary to carry out ongoing counseling and guidance activities either by academics, village government or the local Head of Religious Affairs.


Heir, Janda, Law, Islam

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